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Makita 3 3/8 Circular Saw Blades

This makita 3/8 circular saw blade is perfect for ryobi multi-material saws. It features a circular saw blade that is 3x3-38-inch in size. The blade is made of durable metal and is also a good make-and-break saw. It comes with a ryobi bag for storage.

Makita 4 3/8” Plunge Saw Model 4200N Left Side blade Special purpose base
MAKITA 5091D 3 3/8
2pc 5-3/8
Makita SH02Z-R 12V Max CXT Lithium‑Ion Cordless 3‑3/8
Makita A-95021 3-3/8 in. x 20T Carbide-Tipped Cordless Circular Saw Blade

Cheap Makita 3 3/8 Circular Saw Blades

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Makita 3 3/8 Circular Saw Blades Amazon

This makita model is a 30 amp circular saw that comes with a 50 foot cord. It holds up to 3/4 inch blade and is equipped with a circular saw blade guard, borer blade, and a clamps system. The saw also features a detachable right-hand wheel and an automatic override system. the makita sh02z-r is a 12v max cxt lithiumion cordless 338circular saw tool. It has a comfortable and easy-to-use design, with a thin build that doesn't make it heavy. The blade length is about 5. 5 inches, so it can be effectively used with a standard saw. This saw also has a fast moving arm, making it easy to use. The cuticles are also a great feature, as is the included sharpeners. get a makita 3/8 circular saw blade today. These blades are made of 50-teeth steel and are thin and sleek. They feature a circular saw feel when cutting through wood, making this tool a great choice for those who need a low-cost circular saw. the makita 3/8 circular saw blades are designed to fit the versacut rk3440k makita saw. They are made of 60g diamond material and are designed to bedirectconnected to the saw with 3 inch hollows. The saw will have a clean, bright andrich look when your saw is done with this set.